Floods, Urban Heat Island, Biodiversity Loss, Population Health

"What is the city but the gardens?"
Gardens of Things is a research project using IoT-technologies and data science to understand the benefit of green infrastructure in cities.

Green Spaces

Urban Gardens

Rooftops, green walls, schoolyards, street trees, urban gardens and others have all the potential to become cities biodiverse oasis.

We are engaging in projects to test the design, performance and use of urban green spaces.

If you are a real estate agency, a community neighbourhood, or a landscape architect, we would love to collaborate to help you managing your green spaces.


Smart Technology

Internet of Things

Internet connected devices (IoT) provide the link between natural and digital ecosystem.

Using IoT sensors will provide real-time data on every elements of green infrastructure in cities. Soil health, plant growth, garden biodiversity can be monitor, visualise, and manage.

If you want to learn more about your surrounding green spaces find out how we can help.


A Gardener meets a Computer

The story begin

I am Aude an Urban Food Data Scientist with a passion for smart cities, vertical gardens, and human health.

Latest creations

Travelling the world

Photographing, mapping and visualising the green infrastructure inĀ cities around the world. Have a look to find moreĀ about cities green spaces.