iot technology for urban green spaces

the solution

Gardens of Things specialises in digital solutions for green infrastructure. Machine intelligence and remote sensing technologies connect the gardens of a city. This benefits cities to improve the climate resilience, the wellbeing and digital literacy of their citizens.

sustainable and healthy gardens

the problem

Cities are experiencing growing environmental pressure. Floods, urban heat island, air pollution, loss of biodiversity and non-communicable diseases are a threat to the life of cities. While at the same time more people are migrating towards urban centres. 

Sustainable development of the urban built environment is essential. To address extreme weather events green infrastructure will need to adapt. Green walls, rain gardens or rooftop farms are some examples of how cities will need to adapt.

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Climate Resilience

Green infrastructure such as rain gardens, rooftops, green walls and parks enhance climate resilience.

Stormwater management, biodiversity, urban heat island and public realm aesthetic are examples of the benefits of these urban infrastructure.

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Health & Well-being

Urban farms, community allotments and public gardens benefit the health of citizens and the environment of cities.

The different gardens provide space for physical activity, social contact, local and healthy food production and biodiversity.

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Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is key to navigate in the society of tomorrow.

The implementation of IoT technologies to manage urban green infrastructure will help children develop ecosystem empathy, analytical thinking and  coding and programming skills.

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the stakeholders

Gardens of Things embed IoT devices to monitor, analyse and model the benefits provided by green infrastructure. The research project uses microcontrollers and sensors devices, built digital twins and create real-time data visualisation to gain insights of green buildings.

If you are involved in city planning, landscape design, real estate, risk insurance, or education and would like to participate, please join Gardens of Things research project.